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1994 Explorer. Driver's side brake tubing length.


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March 24, 2010
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I have a 1994 Explorer 4 door 4WD. My brake line just blew out on the way home from my cousins glass shop. It is the line that runs from the front of the vehicle to the rear. Does anyone know the approximate length? The wheel base is around 111". Any information would be helpful thanks.:us:

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My Brake Line is leaking next to the Fuel Tank. I happen to have a spare from a 91 Explorer. The line is close to 8 ft. Long or so. I will drop the Fuel Tank and replace the rusted section with the donor line and some 3/16" Unions.

on mine pull the old one out w/o taking tank out
i replace it from flex hose to valve under driver seat
do my own flare got a flaring kit 35.00 $ and fiting 25 ft rool 3/16 steel line
use crown udercoat on line
on those truck if you sould replace the one on diff like to leak on hold down clap

Andre it is good that could change the Brake Line without removing the Fuel Tank. I have thought about doing the same thing. I have removed the Fuel Tank a few years ago, so the Bolts should loosen up OK. I just want to remove the entire rusted section and install new brake line clips along the Frame. I will use a Snap-On Double-Flaring Tool to add a new short section of 3/16 Brake Line between the RABS Module and the replacement Brake Line.