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1996 5.0 Exhaust help


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April 4, 2009
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1996 5.0 XLT AWD
My 1996 5.0 explorer has 3 exhaust leaks, the ex is all original. 2 on 2 separate catalytic converters and 1 BIG leak in the muffler. You can see all kinds of pics and vids of the explorer at the link below. The seafoam video shows you were the leaks are kinda. This explorer will be for towing small trailers and be a winter vehicle and maybe light sand dunes and some mudding. I would like to keep the exhaust as 1 downpipe similar to stock. Preferably no dual or side exhaust but I would like to have a little deeper sound. Anyways heres the questions.

I didn't notice any exhaust leaks from the manifold but since I need to replace the rest of the exhaust should I go ahead and put new headers on?

If I go with middle of the road kinda stuff (catalytic converters, pipes, mufflers, headers, downpipe) then what kinda cost am I looking at? Assuming I do all the labor myself. I know the price can greatly very but putting everything I will need together is hard online. Most kits dont include everything.

How hard is it gunna be to replace the headers? Seems easy as long as the bolts dont snap off in the block.

Is it possible to install a full new exhaust without any welding?

Before I get flamed for starting another exhaust thread I read into the 5.0 exhaust sticky above for awhile and it just seemed like people saying "that setup sucks use this one".

Thanks in advance.