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1st Gen oil pressure ?


February 13, 2010
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carlisle, pa
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94 xlt, 97 ranger
First off, I am VERY **** about my truck and i keep an eye on everything. I looked up somethings on here about the oil pressure in 1st gens. On the oil pressure gauge it has a L normal H as most off you know. The needle is normally between the O and the R in normal on the gauge, but closer to the R. lately it has been closer to the O. I know that most of you are going to get a good laugh at this but has anyone else had problems like this. Are these the begining signs of losing oil pressure? Is it normal for these things to happen? And is it normal for oil pumps to go out? The truck has 156xxx miles on it, and its pretty warm here, and i dont know if that has something to do with this also. Maybe its just when the oil gets warm it thins out which shows lower oil pressure. I don't know and hopefully some of you do, so help me out if you could. thanks everyone.

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matter of fact mine does the same thing and i have a 94 xlt it seems to move a lil higher some days and then other days it were it is when i first got it..its always worried me when i notice it to be running a little high but the truck has always ran really good.Wish i knew what it meant...hopefully someone will chime in for us

My 94 does that too and the thing runs great! I would like to know if its anything to be concerned with.

Yea mine runs great also by the way.

The oil pressure gauge on the 1st gen explorer is just an analog idiot light. It reads normal at 5psi or higher and reads low at < 5psi. If its moving its due to voltage or grounding changes in the vehicle.

There is a thread about converting the oil pressure gauge to one that actually moves with the pressure changes in the useful thread forum here. Its an easy job. You just need to change the sending unit and put a piece of wire over a resistor and viola, you have a gauge that actually moves with pressure changes.


Edit: The thread I'm talking about is http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65575&highlight=oil+pressure

I'll second Maniak's post.

I did the mod to my '92 Explorer - it works great!