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2000 with 220,000 miles - Should I buy this?

Run. Far and fast.

As a fellow "broke college student" unless you've got the time an energy to fix all the issues, I'd highly suggest remaining with the jap cars or find a low mileage gem. Not to mention fleet vehicles get driven like rentals.. ran hard and put away wet.

After having rebuilt the front end(ball joints, unit bearings, cv shafts, and tre's) in my AWD 5.0 Mounty(which has 138k on it).. they are a nightmare compared to the older twin traction beam trucks. The t-case is now biting the bullet, so I will have to track down a used one just to get it back on the road.

Other issues:
The engine bay in the 5.0 is tight. The exhaust routing blows chunks. The AC drains on the exhaust manifolds(cold water and hot manifold.. hmm). The heater doors break way to easy. Sway bar links that haven't been recalled need replacing since they are often broke. Ball joints are weak. AWD t-case is junk. 4.0l auto isn't the strongest.

On the positive they have rear discs, the 5.0 has the 4R70W transmission, and Explorers are really cheap to purchase.. for some.. unknown... reason :rolleyes: And there is always a metric assload of them in wrecking yards.

Of course this is just my opinion. My Mounty is being sold as soon as I get it road worthy enough to pawn off on some unsuspecting buyer. My little commuter Nissan has been great, save for crappy door hinges, leaking tail lights, and thermostat housing made of pot metal. It gets 35mpg and I have about $850 into it with new tires.

i got my 95 limited off craigslist for 1500.00 with 133,000 mi. it's got some rust but hey, when you live in my area, i kinda goes without saying. i love this x

This is why I said it. If you are not prepaired to pay for a major repair then don't buy it. You could get a newer truck with less mileage and still get screwed. So get it inspected. My father always let a shop go over a used car before he bought it. Even if you know what your looking for. You could overlook something. I go over a vehicle bumper to bumper on a lift. It will give you a good idea of what is going on.:D