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2002 Eddie Bauer, Warning Lights Come On, Dies At Low Speed


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April 24, 2016
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2002 Ford Explorer
Got a 2002 EB Explorer with 4.6 V8. First some background:

The check engine light has been on for almost two years with one code, P1507. It passes smog but idles rough (sometimes dies) at cold start. Sometimes there is a strong gasoline odor right after start. Replaced IAC and EVAP Purge Valve with no effect. Generally is more an annoyance than a problem.

More recently it has started dying at low speeds (reverse, drive, turning, doesn't matter). A warning beep sounds, radio goes quiet, and multiple lights come on when this happens, but not always the same ones. These lights include ABS, 4X4 High, and the Advance Track warning message (CE light is always on). After restarting and driving, each light goes off within 5 minutes and all is normal again until the next occurance.

Alternatively, sometimes a warning beep sounds, radio goes quiet and comes back on, and nothing else happens (no lights and engine does NOT die).

Could this be a problem with the PCM/ECU? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your feedback!