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2002 Explorer Color Match Paint

Hello Everyone,

I am a first time poster, but I have been using threads on here for help. I am getting ready to paint my door pillars on my 02, and I want to paint them the same color as my Ex (Silver Birch Metallic). Paint code is JP. Nobody in my area sells the Ford color in a spray can, so I am trying to improvise. Does anyone know of a brand that makes a color that is the same as the Ford color? I am looking at Rustoleum Silver Metallic, but I don't really want to have to buy a bunch of different paints until I find one that matches...

Any help would be appreciated! :D

Went ahead with the paint job, used Valspar Silver Metallic spray paint. Looks great, color is almost a perfect match, and at $5 a can you cant beat it! :thumbsup: