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2002 explorer power seat


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November 12, 2019
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2002 Explorer xlt
Hi! I'm new here, so hello! I let my daughter drive my explorer yesterday, and I went to get in it this morning and the driver's seat won't move to the rear. It moves slightly on the right side then binds, and the left side moves a bit more before it binds up. Both sides moved forward though. I think I can take the seat out and use my drill to get it back, but I'd really like to convert it to a manual (like the passenger side). I can't find any brackets or tutorials anywhere to change from power to manual though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Take it out and examine the mechanicals. It might just need the track or gear cleaned and lubed.

Your best bet for conversion to manual is hunting down a base model in a junkyard and swapping the parts over, but I'd expect those with a manual driver's seat are rare and you might be as well off replacing with another power seat mechanism and/or motors, whichever is needed.

It all starts with pulling the seat out. You can use a cordless tool battery for power to test it outside the vehicle if it's more convenient, even an 18V/20V for short periods of use won't be a problem.

If you have wrecking yards near by, seats are usually available in abundance. Just need to find one not all torn up. Although, it’s not hard to swap your material onto the frame of a donor.

just take a picture of your electrical connectors, make sure the donor has the same setup.

$45 a seat here in GA.

Had the same issue a couple years back. Removed seat and a nail fell out of the track. Just remove the four corner fasteners, disconnect wiring and remove for examination. Turned out to be a simple job in my case. When flipped over you can easily examine for obstructions and lube.

Motors and tracks can't be swapped out because everything is welded and riveted together. The whole seat needs to be replaced. I have done that once already and had to switch the covers. Now I need to do it again. I will be looking for an XLS or XL with manual driver's seat next time I go to pick-yer-part.

^ There has to be a way to get the track off the seat, even if you have to drill out or grind off some rivets, then use bolts to reattach the replacement portion. This video shows an '00 instead of '02, but they are probably very similar:


The adjusting mechanism in my 2004 seats is integrated into the seat frame. Right now I need to have some ort of working adjustment in my drivers seat so I can sell my Explorer and manual will be fine..

Try it, film it and let us know.