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2002 explorer rear diff fluid change


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July 31, 2006
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2000 xls
Any one have an idea the steps to change diff fluid from the rear diff, its independent suspension

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Any one have an idea the steps to change diff fluid from the rear diff, its independent suspension

Besides the info you got from other people in here on this rear diif fluid change job, you will need to find out if your rear diff is a "Limited Slip" differential. If you DO HAVE a Limited Slip Diff, you will need to add 4 ounces of Friction Modifier along with the new gear oil. Rear Diff holds approx 1.60 to 1.75 quarts of oil, so 2 quarts of new gear oil will do the job, Mobil 1 75W-140 Full Synthetic or equivalent brand. Friction Modifier comes in a squeeze tube and costs about $6-$7 in a parts store or buy Fords own brand from a Ford dealership. Ford recommends this additive BTW for Limited Slip diff's.

Ford also recommends changing what they called for to the heavier oil. I have had great luck with Amsoil 75-140 which is thetype Ford now recommends. Also I used the Amsoil friction modifier because I have the limited slip. If you do the front one use the 75-90 and no modifier but you will have to use your pump to suck out the old through the fill port because ther is no drain. A good idea if you have high mileage and use the 4x4. Do not forget to put a sealer on the threads of the plugs.

I don't have limited slip but I do suffer from the all-to-common rear end whine. I filled with one bottle of Ford's heavier diff oil and a bottle of Lucas oil treatment. The whine is about at 1/3 the level it was before. Better than I expected.

Lucas states that one could use their "additive" exclusively in a diff. Not sure if this would result in better performance or a quieter ride.
Also, the stuff is a real bear to pump due to its honey-like viscosity.