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2002 Explorer xlt A/C & 4x4 problems


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April 28, 2006
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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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99 Explorer XLS
Problem 1: bolts holding the A/C compressor have backed off and fallen out , except for the top one which broke //// problem: what method is used to remove it, as there is not enough room to back out even the broken bolt. and what sizes do I need for replacement of all of them??

Problem 2: 4x4 not engaging. Trans and t case are less than a year old (>10,000 km) so I assume it is electrical.......any ideas? 4x4 light flashes on dash frequently, but its not on.

background of vehicle: newer engine has 60,000 km
New Rear differential and transmission / less than 10,000 km

I wish I had my old explorer still..... a 99 XLS / just a great vehicle / demolished in a T bone accident. Best SUV I ever owned / saved my life when the other car plowed into it at 50 kmh (they were travelling on an ice covered road like it was dry pavement ...)

the 02 has been a constant stream of problems .... tranny is new Old one gave out at 160,0000 km .... then rear end gave out and bought a new one .... then engine (4L v6) blew and replaced it with a 50,000 km used one. All within a 4 month period. I am an easy driver and never off road. Always synthetic oils.