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2002 Ford Explorer has a Ghost in it

Driver's side front door, door jamb switch, $23 at auto stores. Passenger side front door, door jamb switch, $69. Why is that?????

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careful of rockauto, if they send the wrong part, even if you ordered the correct one and they screw up, you still get burned

Here we are at final closure. After many hours of inspecting wiring and removing the driver's door panel, rear lift gate panel, and passenger door panel, the culprit was in the passenger door. Looking in at the latch, the door jamb switch had come apart from the casted steel connector. I order the door jamb switch last night from O'Reillly's. Came in today. $22. Everything now works perfect except the Door Ajar light on the Instrument Cluster. Oh well............love it that the dome light goes out in 10 seconds, turns off right away when I turn the ignition, doors autolock when I get to 10 mph, and others.

Thank you everyone!