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2003 Explorer 4.6 timing chain help


January 9, 2013
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2003 Explorer Limited 4.6
Hello Everyone,

I was trying to solve the mystery noise from the engine which make me believe it was the timing chain issue. Took out the timing chain cover and did not see any damage to the guides or the tensioners. However, upon closely inspection, the driver side chain is a little bit loose. Took out the tensioner and did see the back of it fill with sludge and therefore no oil can flow thru. It was soft and I can squeese with my finger because there was no oil inside to build up pressure. I cleaned all the sludge and put it back. The passenger side tensioner was clean with no sludge in the back and I cannot squeeze in with my fingers because of the oil still inside.

I was thinking of replaced all the guides and tentioners since everything has been taken apart, should I or just replace the tensioner?.

TIA for all the help.