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2003 Ford Explorer/Remove and Replace Steering Column-HELP

Lisa Hicks

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November 4, 2018
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2003 Ford Explorer
I need to remove/replace the steering column in my 2003 Ford Explorer. I'm kinda' stuck in the removal process. Removed all the bolts/wire plugs. Still attached somehow at the bottom of the steering column.
Does anyone know of any good step-by-step directions/videos that would be helpful?

FYI-I'm replacing steering column because I broke my gear shifter. I have allready purchased steering column from junk yard.

Just wondering why you are replacing the entire column. There is instructions somewhere on this forum as to how to replace the broken part. Here is a link to the part required. https://www.amazon.ca/Dorman-905-104-Mercury-Column-Repair/dp/B004DDHXCI (Canadian site but available in US)
This is a common problem and probably has to do with been hard to place in park.

I broke my gear shifter off by accident because I couldn’t get the car out of park now I’ve lost reverse and drive but runs fine in third gear. Is there something electrical causing me to lose the two gears??