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2003 Ford Explorer Sport Fails to Start Intermittently


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July 22, 2011
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chicago, il
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2003 Explorer Sport
I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport that fails to start intermittently. It always starts first thing in the morning, but while running errands intermittently the truck won’t start. It will crank, but doesn’t start or will start and immediately die out. Many times I will attempt to start it repeatedly with no luck, usually I will have to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before it will eventually start. The first mechanic I took it to said this is a common problem with Ford Explorers and that replacing the idle air control valve, it didn’t work. The second mechanic found that the alternator and battery needed to be replaced, I had the work done but the problem is continuing. I have now spent close to $1000.00 trying to address this issue, and I am out of money and don’t know what to do next!! Any ideas about why this is continuing to happen?? I was told by the second mechanic that the fuel pressure, and fuel injectors were fine so they aren’t sure what it is; apparently the computer gives them no clues. One more thing, while driving home tonight I noticed the battery light (located in the RMP dial) came on, but did go off after about a minute. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

First thing I would look at is the ground wire for your battery. Unbolt it and clean the connection where it grounds to the frame or engine.