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2003 Sport Trac upgrade questions


July 5, 2015
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2003 Ford Sport Trac
I’m about to get a 2003 Sport Trac with a 5speed manual transmission to replace my very aging 1996 Jeep Cherokee, which replaced my dead 89 Bronco (may she rest in peace) II.
I’ll be using said EST for hunting and bad weather driving, not rock crawling just some occasional goat paths and such.
My late Bronco II had two things that made it great for my off road needs; Locking hubs and a manually activated transfer case. The 2003 EST of course has neither. I’ve been stranded more than once in cold weather due to the electronic 4x4 system not working, and have pulled many a fellow hunter out of the thickets whose also failed to work when needed.

To those more experienced with the Sport Trac than I, are there conversion kits for locking hubs and or installing a manually activated transfer case?

Thank you for your time,

Do some searching on here to find threads on converting to manual hubs, I believe you need ranger hubs. You can swap in a manual transfer case, again do some searching on here.

Looks like you need to head to the salvage yard and find a ranger to tear into

Thanks for the link. I'm also shopping for a canopy. No need to have the labrador crouching all the time!