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2006 TPMS Service/Reset


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January 26, 2004
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2004 Acura TL
The TPMS (Tire-Pressure Monitoring System) light on the 2006 models will illuminate on start up or when the key is turned on. Should stay on for about 3 seconds and then time out (turn off). If it does not, you have a low tire problem. The light doesn't come on at all - then you need to see your dealer.

TPMS is a system that tells the driver that atleast one of the tires are 25% below manufacturer specifications (6-9 PSI). To find the proper inflation specification, on the driver side B-pillar should be sticker showing the spec. If the tire pressure is raised 2 psi above the limit then the light will turn off. Even if the light turns on, and then later turns off - it is recommend you still check your tire pressure for safety.


After inflating the tires to the proper inflation, you may need to "reset" the system by driving 2 minutes over 20 mph (32 km/h) before the TPMS light will turn off and will return to normal.

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