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2008 explorer Eddie Bauer need key code


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August 29, 2015
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2008 Ford explorer
Hello everyone, I am new on site and need some help.
I just purchased a 2008 explorer Eddie Bauer and did not get the the owners manual with the key code. Can anyone confirm to me if indeed it is in the same location as 2006?? Drivers side fusebox 1 inch off the fuse block???..some say it is on rear passenger section behind seatbelt panel lower portion??...thx everyone for any help...

You are correct. Us a smartphone with front facing camera -slid it up the side of the box -and you can see the # without removing anything.

there are a number of threads on this and you should be able to find a few youtube video's also.

If by chance it is not there, there is also a few threads on how to systematically get it by typing in a series of numbers. (I think this is just for 2010 however)

Good luck

the systematic code method works on all fords with keypads but the code that it finds might not be the factory code but one that a previous owner programmed so you have to keep working on it

It's probably not a label like most of the posts say. There is a part number (2 rows) printed directly on the fuse box the 5 digit code will be on the lower row the last 5 digits and separate from the alphanumeric