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2008 Sport Trac to a 1953 f100


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October 4, 2020
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2008 Ford Sport Trac
Hi All,
I am building a 1953 F100 on a 2008 4x4 Sport Trac chassis. I need wiring diagrams for a 2008 Sport Trac if anyone can help.

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Sounds like a great project. I hope you find the diagrams you need. Please post photos of the build!

Sounds like a great project. I hope you find the diagrams you need. Please post photos of the build!
You can follow the build on instagram at toms53f1004x4. Here's a pic.


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it should! Those books cover the truck front to back all wiring systems are diagramed out and connectors
Looks awesome, great to revive old iron with new chassis.......best of both worlds

Double double double check. Last wire job I did I missed one wire and it was a nightmare. All over 4 feet of wire haha good luck and nice project!

We did a 1949 Ford F1 ont0 a 97 Explorer chassis.
I stripped out every single wire that was not needed to make it run, drive, have lights and feed the HVAC and instrument cluster
There were ALOT of wires, relays, connectors and did I say wires removed
There were enough wires removed that I was able to tuck all of the remaining power boxes, relays, fuses into the drivers kick panel

I also used a 9" brake booster from a early Mustang II and deleted the ABS brake pump to make enough room for the 49 F1 fenders......
End result is a v8 fuel injected AWD 1949 F1
I love that truck, it still mobs around Evergreen Colorado

This is a inspiring topic full of great things haha!

he bought the 08 wiring book from Ebay

Interesting about the 72 hour subscription! good to know