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2010 Explorer bigger brake rotors


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March 3, 2017
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2010 Ford Explorer XLT
Hello everyone, my first post. A month ago i bought 2010 Explorer XLT AWD. It came with 20" rims, right now looks like im gonna need to get new pads on the front. So i did some googling for the brakes and i came across PowerStop Z23 (slotted and drilled) rotors, and ceramic pads. So i want to get those but i was wonder if anyone tried to do the upgrade with bigger rotors. Because when i look at my wheel those stock rotors looks so small so i want to get bigger diameter ones, of course i would have to get pads, rotors, calipers as well. But i have no clue how to approach that, i mean whats the biggest size of rotors i can get so the bigger calipers would fit the explorer mounting bracket, or i can fabricate new one, (working at machine shop) I was thinking about to get the brakes from F-250 or F-350 maybe they would be bigger. Anyone has some experience with that, or some ideas, help, suggestion would work. I did some searching, i'm not lazy, but i didnt get too far, so i figure here some experience members could help. I was chatting on autoanything.com with some guy about the brakes, but he had no clue at all, all he was asking me for what make and model i need brakes for. When i told him what i want to do and i ask him for the diameter of the rotor for Explorer, Expedition, F-150 to F-350, he was lost, cause all he knew is to type the make and model. Zero help from that, i tried a couple different web where they sell brake kits, same thing, i got nowhere. i'm thinking to make trip to the brake shop, but obviously they can help but probably they would like to get the job, and i'm in the tight budget so i want to do it my self. Just i'm not sure for what model of the FORD should i order brake kits for so they will be bigger then the explorer ones and they would fit
thanks in advance

The 2010 Explorer front rotor diameter is 12.01"
The 2010 Expedition front rotor diameter is 13.43"
So it's slightly bigger, so i was wonder if anyone knows if the expedition calipers would fit Explorer mounting holes/bracket?

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I know you're talking about the front here but if you are successful you'll start on the rear also - you know you will. Be aware that there is no separate caliper bracket on the rear - the caliper mounts to the knuckle. That would likely be a deal breaker which would cause me to rethink doing the front.
The braking system may look small to you but it's more than up to the task. My front pads went 75K and my rear pads went 96K before needing replacement. That tells me the brakes are not, at least functionally, undersized.
If you're after pure aesthetics then good luck but be aware you're in for a lot of pain with no real gain.

F150 and Expedition have 6 lug wheels...the Super Duty has 8 lug, so you may want to weigh that issue.

I would probably check Mustang big brake kits or anything high-horsepower that has 5x114.3 lug pattern.

The GT350R that we got in had huge brakes on it.

Thanks for help to everyone, I was doing some searching here and there and I came across that
Explorer 5x114
Expedition and F-150 6x135
So yup you right I need to look somewhere in sports cars.
One more time thanks for help