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For Sale 2018 XLT seats/seat belts/spare/throttle body PRICE LOWERED

Black cloth manual 3rd row seat with headrests no stains, tears or damage. All 3rd row seat mounting hardware and brackets.
Both rear seat belts and tensioners and mounting hardware.
Wheel well carpet liner inserts& cover
Sill trim plate
Maxxis T165/70D18 space saver spare never mounted
Brand new OEM throttle body with gasket.
Was asking $500 , Winters coming I can use the room in my garage, $350 takes everything AND I'll deliver it within 100 miles of 60047 for free.








Elite Explorer
February 4, 2019
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City, State
Livermore, CA
Year, Model & Trim Level
2018 Explorer XLT FWD 3.5
I, too, did this conversion a while back, to get rid of these seats I would not be using (in my case). I can now carry a full-size spare tire and rim (plus other items in the spare tire well), plus, I can use my new cargo deck for hauling all sorts of things in the rear cargo area!

As you know, this conversion results in a lot of big, spare parts; because I didn't want it all taking up room in my storage unit, I just gave mine all away on Craigslist, to a nice gal whose dog had torn-up their own 3rd row seat. She was, of course, very grateful for having stumbled upon my "free" ad, and the timing couldn't have been better for her, so I know it all went to good use!

Lest people forget, if they have a PIU, but want to convert it to be more for family use, then "reverse-installing" this package will readily help them do it!