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265/65R18 Mastercraft Courser AXTs


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November 29, 2012
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columbus ohio
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2006, 4x4 Limited 4.6
I know I was looking for pictures of this size tire before I bought them so I thought I would share so others have something to reference if they end up asking themselves the same questions.

First off, yes they fit. They do rub just barely at about 3/4 turn. They rub at the very bottom of the wheel well shrouds right about halfway in from the sides. My plan is to use some high grade zip ties to pull the shroud back a few inches. Not much of an issue.

Gas mileage shows lower but when I recalculate for the tires it actually comes out to be better than it was before.

Acceleration took a hit. I believe it would be all but back to normal if I could reprogram the transmission to downshift more aggressively. There is no issue with the torque converter lockup. It drives the same as before really.

The tires don't look huge, it just looks filled out.

Bought these tires online. Cost me $630 with tax and shipping. Spent another $120 on installation.