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3 in. body lift...what size tire?

I have a '94 Ford Explorer and I'm running 30x9.5 inch BFG AT KO's on 15x8 rims right now. I would like to get a suspension lift and bigger tires, but I really don't have the money for a suspension lift right now. If I were to get a 3 in. body lift what's the biggest size tire I could fit without any rubbing? Would I be able to fit 33x12.50's or not? Thanks.


It could probably be done but I would go with 32's if you dont want to start trimming on things. If you dont do alot of wheeling and it is more for your satisfaction then you could get away with 33's Hope this helps.

I personally think the 12.50 will be a problem. I'm not sure if the 33 inch height will be a problem but the width will. If you can settle for a A/T I would suggest the BFG All Terrain. They make it in a 33x10.50. Also, I dont know the back spacing on your rims. A really backspaced rim + minimal lift = rub. After all I've said, surprisingly I say try it. If it rubs you'll work twice as hard to get the suspension lift.

Personally i would go with the 32x1150's with a 3-in body. The 33x10.50 might fit but they look silly to me. If you just want 4x4 performance go with the 33's, but if you want the look go with the 32's. Just my .02