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360/Dallas group meet

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Great pics

I love the pics, SVO. No one's ever published any of my bumper stickers. That was cool. :D And thanks for getting my "better side" trying to wiggle Iroc off his skid plate. :rolleyes:

I'll ping Matt Adams and see if he still has the graphic for the shirt.

To answer Swak's question and settle curiousities everywhere, MSupertek was the only one who did the big mud hole and that horrible crack decent into the creek bed. Iroc tried the mud but ended up strapping back from it. Iroc used a different path to get into the creak bed (thus his great 3-wheelin' shots). The far side of the creek bed was that tough climb with the log across it right at the top. MSupertek bump-strapped Iroc over the top of that climb. While I was debating BamBam's decent we decided it was getting dark and I didn't go down. Coming back down the far side, Iroc high centered, no biggie, just needed a bump to get over. MSupertek winched up the line next to the crack and Iroc did the same wild 3-wheelin' line as before.

So, poor BamBam didn't get to do much, but it was fun anyway. A teaser for later.

We may be meeting up to try 360 again on July 12th. If it rains that week, don't count on any stockers getting in there. The dried mud was cake for BamBam, but if it had been deep and gooey all over, I wouldn't' have made it 10 feet!

Well for the update, the Nasty Hoe went under the knife today to find out why she was such a slug on the hwy.
I took Msupertek's service advice and put it to good use and the results came out fine, BUT! just to be sure I removed the cats and checked inside the pipe to see if anything was amiss, and nope no problem there, but I did find that the air tube that goes from the mass air meter to the T-body had a few holes in it in the couragated part (this must be a common problem), so I went out back and found one, it took looking at 5 before I found one really good one.
It seemed to help a little bit but I won't know till I get her back on the hwy.
As so found a bad front wheel bearing, so tomorrow's project is to replace the front wheel bearings and fuel filter also, check fuel pressure and it was good to, oh well we'll figure it out before Shilo Ridge!

Still makes me mad that I couldn't bring my rig, and she was all nice and clean too! :mad:

BTW did anyone else get poison ivy????


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No rosey blooms here yet, but I know I saw some poison ivy out there. I wondered if I'd get any.

now now, y'all need to quit rolling around in the bushes now. pop in some over the counter claritin before u goto bed and it should be gone when u wake up. try it.

Those pics are great! Kinda looks like your driving through someones crop in a couple of those shots!

Next time

Hey, my X is back together now. So the next meet and greet I will be there with new wheels and tires and body lift.

hey jarred sup man u sould have gone......... it was great and let me tell u i had alot of fun these guys are cool as ****... i am pulling the tranny next week to see whats leaking..... i was looking and i have a vent tube that was broken... so i could have drained out the t-case :( or got water into it..... i will let yall know......

POOP! I used to drive by that sign everyday! I had no idea there was wheeling back in there. I worked in Hurst and lived in Waxahachie. It was hard to find any wheeling that was fun. Colorado has all I could want now and I know where they are. Looks like fun!!

For those of you who are just tuning in don't forget that we are having another get together at GILMER on August 2nd and 3rd.:D