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3rd Gen Center Arm Rest Lid Repair


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February 28, 2008
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Cave Creek, AZ
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1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 EB
I've been searching high and low for parts to repair the center arm rest lid BASE - not cover - in a 3rd Gen (1998) Eddie Bauer Explorer.

One of the plastic catches on the enter arm rest lid that engages the spring loaded lock in the console base finally broke off. I've tried all sort of epoxies and plastic welds to no avail. First pull up on the lid after repair breaks off the newly "repaired" catch.

The Eddie Bauer version has the "Highline" Center Console similar to the Limited - only difference between the EB and the Limited console is the leather cover on the arm rest lid on the Limited. The Highline Center Console has a completely different center console arm rest lid - Ford calls the lid the "Center Console Glove Box Door" in their parts database. The underside of the lid and the rear mounting hinge are also completely different on the Highline Center Console.

Has anyone found a source, other than the ridiculous Ford Stealer ($193.58 for a new lid), for the 3rd Gen Highline Console Center Arm Rest LID or BASE, which has the rear hinge mounting point and the plastic lid catches?

I found one listing on FleaBay that shows a METAL lid repair kit for 1995-2001 Explorers, but the image in the ad no way reflects the lid BASE for the 3rg Gen Highline Console Center Arm Rest. The FleaBay Seller wouldn't answer my direct question when asked if the kit they offer repairs the lid for the Base Console or the Highline Console. Hard to tell from the fuzzy pic posted in the ad, but it looks like the kit is for the Base Console.

This is the specific FleaBay listing for the repair kit for reference if interested -


I'm also seeking the correct and current Ford part number for the Highline Console Glove Box Door (Lid)

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks! :salute: