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4.10 and 4.11


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March 6, 2008
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Central MI
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97 XLT 5.0

i'm planing on gearing my 97 ex down to 4.10 gears vs the stock 3.73

i've found the 4.10s for the 8.8, but i look on summitracing.com for the dana 35 gears and they offer a 4.11

would this cause binding in the drive line under "higher" friction surfaces and higher speeds (4hi)


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Yes.... there will be some binding involved. Some shops will say, "close enough" but I don't believe in doing things half-arse that way.

But 4.10s are available for the D35. They came with 4.10s as an available factory option. Why would you intentionally mis-match them?

Those 4.11s are probably for a J**p D35. Also the excepted variance in front & rear gearing is a 1% difference.

Yes, 1% is generally 'acceptable' when you're not dealing with an electronically controlled on-demand system like that found in a second-gen. But again, with 4.10s readily available, why even consider a 4.11?

i was more or less just wondering, i dont even plan on having the front diff apart lol. im just gonning to swap the j-yard my 3.73 diff and send a couple bucks there way.

I know this thread has been dead for is 6 years, but i stumbled onto this and would like to clear something up for anybody who reads this in the future.

The difference from 4.10 to 4.11 is .01, while in 4x4 and off road (or even on road for that matter) this will not be noticeable at all. deflating your tires can have a more drastic effect that being .01 off on gearing. most gear manufacturers will round the ratio number as well.

I ordered a set of 4.11's front and rear for my explorer from Yukon. Their 4.11 for the front was actually labeled 4.10 on the gear but they label it as 4.11 in their inventory so it is most likely perfectly fine.