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5.0 and trans swap 65 mustang

You probably need to upgrade to v8 suspension and 5lug. Or else you will have 5 lug rear and 4 lug front. Also the front springs will not be strong enough to support the weight of the v8, v6 springs are different.
I went with the Granada swap which replaces with Granada spindles etc...
Granada Disc Brake Conversion for Classic Mustangs | MustangSteve.com
Power Brake Kits | Free Shipping: U.S. Domestic Only Archives | MustangSteve.com

This is one of the better lower cost kits...note the spindles have corrected geometry...
CSRP Disc Brake Conversion Kits (Catalog)
Single Piston Manual Disc Brake Kit with New V8 Spindle - Manual or Auto Transmission with Manual Steering (1965-1966) - Opentracker Racing Products

There are certainly other options...do your homework ;-)

Hey Joe thanks for chiming in! She looks awesome!!
What intake elbow is that? (The plastic air hose from MAS to intake)
Who's coil packs? MSD?
The Ranchero looks awesome!!


The coils are Ultra-Power, which were a premium level component I purchased on RockAuto...I do see an Ultra-Power coil on Rock Auto but it looks like a standard replacement. The coils I have are suppose to be "better"...but who knows, they were like $35 each.

The elbow is Ford Part #: F67X-9R504-AA google seems to think it is from an Explorer, but I can't remember what year etc...

Stay warm up North :-)


Looks like the elbow is from a 1997 v8 Explorer...I just ditched the two flexible rubber ends...