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5R44E problem


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December 29, 2008
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Escalon, CA
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02 Ranger
I seem to be having a different problem than are discussed in the stickys.
Mine flairs up when going into 4th and won't go into 5th. OD light is blinking.
An enhanced code of P0735 which is something like 5th gear ratio is wrong.
I've done the pressure tests and nothing seems to be abnormal. The ATSG manual I have is for a 5R55E (they don't have one for the 5R44E) points toward the #1 solonoid. I'm going to try to monitor the PCM outputs to the solonoids while going through a shift sequence, before I drop the pan.

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I took the connector off and looked for corrosion, but everything looked shiney. The shift cycle in other gears seem to be jerky also.
I like the technical detail that this forum goes into, it seems like some other forums all they talk about is what kind of wax to use to polish their car.

I ohmed the solonoids all about 28 ohms each and the EPC about 4.5. I also put 12 volts across each of the 4 control solonoids and could hear them click. I didn't try that with the EPC. I checked the wire resistance between the PCM connector and transmission connector and found all the solonoid related wires to be less than 1 ohm.
I hooked a data aqusition system to the 5 solonoid wires to see if they change state in the proper sequence. I didn't take good enough notes and need to do the test again. One thing that doesn't appear correct is a very noisy signal to the EPC. I realize that this is a PWM signal but the square wave is very erratic

This chart is from Glacier991's photo gallery (courtesy of Allbert):

I tried to attach a PDF of my chart but there isn't any way to attach a file to this post

Welcome to the forum neighbor!

I gave up and brought my Ranger to a transmission shop and will here the diagnosis tomorrow. He did say during the test drive that slipping is usually a hydraulic instead of signal problem from the PCM. So I was barking up the wrong tree. The scanner came up with sol A shorted. I'll post the conclusion.

I apologize for the quality of this chart, I had to scan the faint chart

I just got a call from the tranny shop $400 to replace solonoids and valve body gasket.
I should have followed the sticky

I got my Ranger back from the shop today and it seems to work fine.
He showed me where the gasket on the valve body plate had blown out, he also replaced the 5 solonoids on the valve body.

FYI my shift problem was 3-4 flare (if flare means the engine reves up and then the tranny goes into gear) and OD light blinking.
I'd like to give this transmission shop a plug for being honest and reasonable, $320 but I don't know if that is proper etiquette for this forum.

Wow, that’s awesome! 9 out of 10 shops will just try to sell you a complete rebuild for 2K+. I say list the name of the place, shops like that need to be rewarded for their honesty and professionalism.