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91 Explorer Drivers front end clunk


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February 6, 2012
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I dont know what the hell else to do. I replaced the horrible radius arm bushings, brakes pads, all the hardware for the calipers, balljoints are tight, only thing i can see is the drivers sway bar bushing is trashed. But heres the symptom

Driving, lightly or moderately touch the brake and drivers front wheel clunk! let off brakes it clunks back. Even if theres no suspension travel or vehicle slowing down it still does the clunk. what else is there to cause that??

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I-beam pivot bushings are destroyed. Happens alot.

really? I pry on them they seem fine. I found a loose rivit for the crossmember, repaired, no difference of course. God this thing is driving me crazy. Is there some way to check those pivot bushings other than blindly replacing them.

Sway bar bushings can cause clunks. I have an aftermarket bar and had a problem with a clunk going around corners. New ball joints, sway link bushings, radius arm bushings, everything except axle pivot bushings. Bought those but just before replacing them (they looked fine) I noticed the bar's bolt holes were larger than the bolts. Adding a little rubber tubing around the link bolts (tight fit) stopped the clunk for good.

Try unbolting the sway bar and see if clunk goes away. Another thing to check is your shock mounts, that they are tight. Saggy upper or lower mount bushings could be slapping. Or a loose coil spring retaining nut. Also check the bolts that hold radius arms to the axle beams. Apparently they need torqued to some obscenely high spec and can slide around and clunk otherwise.