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94 Navajo Fuel cell design


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September 22, 2008
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Ok, Here's the scoop:
1994 Mazda Navajo, Automatic 2Dr.
Mazda Navajo.... AKA "THE GOAT" We are using this vehicle for a mud truck. This past friday nite, we ripped a hole in the gas tank, not quite sure what we hit! Here is my question.

Can I safely adapt and move the lines from the pump/sender and extend them to the back cargo area?
I would like to take the Pump from the sending unit and install it, in a boat style gas can. Install it with a few FI clamps, and Proper Hose, run the wires to the orig harness.

You would not believe how well this thing does, to be honest it has suprised us for a cheap thrill.

Any help or pointers would be great.

Welcome to this forum! Don't do experiments with gasoline when it's in a make shift container in the cabin of the vehicle. Buy another gas tank, and cover it with sheet metal if you want to give it extra protection.

aftermarket fuel cells are also avail, and are safe for competition use. they can also handle fuel pumps for fuel injection, as they will have a fill port, outlet port, return port and sometimes an extra vent.

as mentioned before, dont mess with rigging up something if your gonna put gas in it, as it becomes a quite dangerous item if anything goes slightly wrong, and with murphy around, it always will go wrong!