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94 X A4LD won't shift to second. govenor modulator

At lunch time I went to the local tranny shop to pick up another servo so that if I ripped it out this weekend, I'd have another one to put back in if it was bad.. While there, he asked me what I have been doing with it and thought that my band adjustment was way too much (3.5 turns as per my ATSG).. He said I should have it about 2 or 2.5 turns out from when the bolt bottoms out..

So I booted it home and jacked it up and re-adjusted the band to 2.5 turns.. I now have second gear, but it will slip under medium load and will not shift under hard acceleration.. I'm beginning to think that the band may be broken..

I'm going to re-adjust the band tomorrow to 2 turns and if that doesn't help, pull the servo back out and replace with the new one.. If it still doesn't help, I would think that the band may have to come out for replacing? Or is it possible that the valve body is not supplying the servo with enough pressure?


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3 1/2 turns only applies to 90-91 with double wrap bands ... all others are 2 turns

Tighten to 10 Ft lbs, then back it out 2 turns and lock it down .... and cross your fingers and toes ...

As I said before, trying to patch a transmission just doesn't work. The transmission is a high pressure hydraulic system with a bunch of seals to make the fluid go where it needs to go. Time to have the transmission rebuilt by a competant repair person and have the torque converter rebuilt too.


Yes like I pointed out in the Diary, it IS 2 turns. Also, using the method desccribed earlier where you tighten until the output shaft will not turn in one direction, you can do that and then back out 3/4 turn, and lock it down there. Both work.

Welp, the band is broken.. Each time I adjust the band a drive it, I can adjust it in more than I adjusted it out before the test run.. Time to pull the tranny and go through it..

Thanks again everyone for your ideas and help.. I'll post pics of the broken band when I get it apart.


Hey guys,

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I rebuilt the trans this weekend.. Took me 2 hours to pull it, (on a hoist :) ) 8 hours to rebuild (with mild shift kit) and then 3 hours to re-install it.. The modulator valve was indeed letting the engine suck in tranny fluid, so I think that's what was causing my spark knocking under moderate loads.. I pulled the line off at the engine when I checked it the last time, so I must have missed it..

List of parts was, seal kit, frictions, od and intermediate bands, mod valve, od and intermediate servos, shift kit... Did it all for ~300 bucks canadian.. Didn't need the steels, and could have left the frictions I think.. They looked like they were new... I found the tab off of my intermediate band in the pan.. Also, the OD band was in bad shape too, so I replaced it..

So far so good I guess.. Everything is working well.

I gotta say, rebuilding the A4LD is a lot easier than my TH400 was.. Everything just goes together so nicely, it's scary..

Thanks again everyone, your help and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Oh yea, doesn't seem to be any harm in driving with no intermediate band action.. So at least if this happens to you, you can limp it around for as long as you need to get everything lined up..