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98 5.0 from a 97


September 6, 2016
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1998 Explorer
I am about to swap a v8 into my 98 Explorer. I have a 4.0 sohc currently in my ex. My truck was built June of 98.
I have access to a 97 Explorer with a 5.0 Awd built May 97. It has no axles or bumpers, my friend said I can take whatever parts I need to do my swap.
After reading forum after forum I find myself still wondering what all I need from the .97 to make my 98 run the v8 awd drivetrain. After i get it running I may swap in a manual t case. Any input or tips is appreciated. I have access to get all I need from the 97 except the axles.

That will be an almost straight forward swap, as close to easy as it can get. The fuel systems are a match, and the 97 is a late 97 GT40P engine, with the best computer for other non Explorer V8 swaps. For the 98, if you wanted the PATS you'd need to update the engine wiring and computer to a 98 set, but I'm betting you will choose the non-Pats 97 system.

You need the 302 radiator, but maintain your V6 AC condenser, the bottom mounting bracket is way better than the V8 mounting method.

Does your 98 truck have 4WD, or is it 2WD?

click on the link in my signature. also, do the 4406 conversion while your doing the swap. that way it will be all done at once. want headers (torque monster headers)? i have a set for sale.

My 98 is 4wd with a 4.0 sohc with manual bw1354