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5.0 swap questions


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July 16, 2009
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96 EB
Looking to do a 5.0 swap to my 96 4.0 4wd eb explorer, i have a choice of 96 97 98 or 99full 5.0 explorer donor truck. can someone refer me to the best 5.0 swap thread?
im looking to get about 275hp 350tq out of it by porting the upper and lower intake, one inch spacer, ported heads, rr, a custom cam and tq monster headers.
now my main concerns are:
what parts do i need to swap from my doner?
what transfer case do i need to match uo to the v8 trans to have 4wd because i do not want awd?
do i need diferent drive shafts?
and since my truck is a 96 would it be better to do the swap from a 96 or another year like a 98 keeping hp in mind?
will my computer in my center console that shows mpg ect still work or do i need a motor out of an eb or limited?

thanks in advance

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which year?

Your 1996 has a return fuel system. The 1998 and later has a returnless fuel system. Using a 1996 or 1997 V8 would simplify fuel supply issues.

I believe the 1996 V8 has internal EGR and the 1997 has external EGR. I don't know which is more suitable for custom headers. It is unlikely you will find any used Torque Monster headers. I suggest you contact Torque Monster regarding availability and which EGR is most suitable.

i am doing my swap as well. there are no real threads on part for part 5L swaps. these two so far are about the best ones there is



these are some of the things you will need. you might need more, but i cant say for sure

a/c lines
power steering lines, and cooler
motor harness, and wiring from alt to battery
throttle cable
trans shifter cable
air filter box
exhaust from manifolds to muffler
fuel pump (not sure if needed but.....)
g.e.m. (not sure if yours has one or not
radio bezel
cruise motor with cable
trans lines
and also, i would take the motor out with as much attached to it. it may make pulling it a little more of a challenge, but you will have everything from the motor all in one shot.

to make your life simpler, i would use the 96 as a donor
if you are wanting to ditch the awd, a 4406 will bolt up to the transfer case, but you will also need to do some modifications as well. do a search on swapping in a 4406, and it will also tell you what drive shafts to hunt for.

for the TMH's bob is making them right now. i ordered a set, and as of last week i am fourth on the list. i dont know how many are behind me, and how many sets he has coming, so like 2000streetrod said, your best bet is to call him (on the weekends is your best bet).
as for your message center, i cant say. i added one into my truck, and both donor, or my sport never had one. i know i have to change one wire on the 5L motor harness, but yours you might not have to do anything.

idk now all the research ive done is starting to scare me away from this build:(

1998 v8 is still a return style fuel system.

however for wiring simplicity I suggest going to the same year as the truck (96) to avoid PATS issues.

ok guys so my transition blew yesterday truck wont go forward or back so I figured what a better time to do my v8 swap so I know vroomzoomboom has completed his swap and I was curious if you have anything else to add to the list you already provided above and any snags you ran into

I also did the swap... basically, if you've got the complete donor truck next to yours... strip em both, move all the parts from the V8 to the V6... put it back together, start the key, drive away... with a big smile on your face...


ok guys so my transition blew yesterday truck wont go forward or back so I figured what a better time to do my v8 swap so I know vroomzoomboom has completed his swap and I was curious if you have anything else to add to the list you already provided above and any snags you ran into

The wiring and computer you use should be from a 1996 or 1997, mix or match as you need to.

You can use any shortblock from 96-01, your choice, lower mileage is better etc. Due to the 96/97 computer, you need to use basically everything atop the engine from those model 302's**. Thus you can use later engine parts, but the external sensors, wiring, EGR style, fuel rails, injectors, and upper intakes, they can't be 99-01's if you use the 96/98 computers.**

**The 1997 was a mixed parts year, watch the overlap between EGR components, PCM's, and PATS. If you can make a preference, get the late 97 EGR style, meaning computer, upper intakes, EGR pipe, and exhaust manifolds. That means you would use the 98-01 headers, intakes(external EGR(all aftermarket intakes are external)).

The wiring choice is the biggest, make it easier by avoiding the 98-01 systems, PCM etc. It takes much more work, and wiring skills, research, to get those systems running. For a non Explorer(like a Sport Trac, Volvo, Bronco II), only go with the 96/97 computer and wiring. Those require additional parts(ABS pump and g-force transducer) that are on an Explorer, which must be found and integrated(wiring).

The engine swap is straight forward, as many have done it well. The BW4406 swap is also not a huge task. The wiring however for a 302 swap can be a huge mess, if you choose the 98-01 PCM and wiring.

Thanks for the feedback guys so this brings me to my next question will my curent transfer case (i think is a bw4404 but not sure) bolt up to the 4r70w v8s trans or will i have to do somthing like a 4406 swap

The V6 trans uses different transfer cases due to different output shafts and bolt patterns. You must use the V8 transfer cases like the AWD BW4404/4403, or the 4406 swap like others have done. You have a BW4405 in the V6.

Ok i figured id like to do the 4406 swap but the electric one but i havnt found a thread that was clear about what gem to use with it or how to wire it properly plusd the 96 4.0 axel disconnect in the front is that also controled by the gem

The GEM needs to come from the same model years(groups), and the only choice is 4WD or not 4WD. The GEM also controls wipers and many things, which differed electrically with certain years.

I think the 95-96 GEM's are the same, maybe 95-97. The 97 may be unique, the 4WD switch didn't have 2WD as a position like 95-96's did.

There is a 4WD and not 4WD, so two choices for those models. 98-01's had the same GEM's, two choices, 4WD or not 4WD.