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98 Ford Ranger Accelaration Roar Noise


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June 21, 2009
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I recently had my Ford Ranger overheating problem repaired. They replaced the Thermostat and told me I also needed to replace the thermal fan clutch. When I picked it up, it had an accelaration roar as it shifts (automatic) through accelaration. It also does not seem to have the accelaration pick up power it had prior to being serviced. The service technician at Firestone tells me that this sound is normal. I do not believe it as it never made this sound in the ten years I have had this truck.

I baby this truck like my third born. It is not a normal sound to me. Any one got any thoughts?

Thanks, Ralph


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November 18, 2005
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03 Ranger FX4 LII 5.0 S/C
If the fan clutch is driving the fan all the time, the fan will roar like a prop plane and acceleration will be noticeably affected. The viscous clutch should drive the fan only when the temp of the outflow air from the radiator goes high. Unless you are towing and/or operating in very high ambient temps, a properly functioning clutch will rarely drive the fan at road speeds above about 30 MPH.