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99 Explorer XLT 4.0 sohc Stalled


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January 29, 2011
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Clearwater, FL
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1999 XLT
wondering if anyone else has had same issue,
my 99 explorer xlt 4.0 sohc was runing great and all at once just bogged down and died, Then would crank over and want to start but would'nt. So i had it towed home and then went out there and it started ran for 45 seconds and bogged down and died again and wouldnt start again.
Any tips on where to start looking this AM?

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After sitting for a while it started and ran for say 30seconds then bogged and died again. So then Ok changed the Filter and still won't start. Really seems like no fuel.
So I had wife turn the key a few times while I had my ear to the tank and I can't even hear the pump kick on, thinking now maybe the pump went out?

Very likely fuel pump. There are good right ups on two methods to replace it -either drop the tank or cut an access hole under the rear seat.

Even though it is not likely since you were able to start it momentarily, check the fuel cutoff switch as it may have tripped or gone bad.

Replace the fuel pump relay ($8) in the power distribution box before messing with the pump. Also, as mentioned above the problem could be the intertia switch.

Well thank you everyone for your input (very helpful) ended up being the fuel pump. Not to bad 90dollars for just the pump and 2 hour job and back on the road. Thanks guys