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A/C question


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July 31, 2004
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Stoney Creek, Ontario
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1996 XLT
I have just had my A/C recharged after replacing the compressor. It works well nice and cold. However I noticed when I put it on Max A/C it only came out the window defroster (one time only), now when I put it on Max it don't do anything! It still blows cold like it is on regular A/C mode but it don't blow any harder like it used to!. Is this a switch problem or something else? Thanks

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sounds like the high speed relay is not operational.

Ooh thanks budwich, do you know where that relay lives?

Aux box #2 (under the air filter at the front).... does your heater blow on high? It could also be a vent control issue... infamous blower door.

I'll try the heater, and go from there.

As you first indicated, it could also be your switch.... so first check if the heater side is doing the same thing, then check to see that the high speed blower relay is operating..... if not it could be bad but check to see if there is a grd coming from your switch to the pull up of the relay.