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Problem with A/C Vents


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April 22, 2003
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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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06 XLT 4.0 6cyl
I have a 99 Exp XLT 5.0L V-8 AWD 4Door Auto.
I Noticed that when using my Manual Control A/C. The vents are either Front Vents (with little coming at the feet) or Defroster Vents (with little coming at the feet). From "OFF" , I turn the knob to the left to MAX A/C and it's COLD with Fronts Vents blowing (and little bit at the feet). When I turn the knob to the Right side of "OFF", all 4 positions blow only to defroster (and little at the feet). If I rotated the dial back to "OFF" and to the left, it stays blowing at Defroster (and little at feet) until I reach MAX A/C where it changes to Front Vents (and little at feet). Does this sound like a vacuum leak somewhere or is the A/C Control Unit bad? By the way, Heat and Cold works fine.. Just having problems with the vents


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timleedude: did this help you? cause i have the same exact problem...

Still haven't had time to check the SUV yet.. Maybe this weekend.. I was looking at some HVAC diagrams... For Defrost only, No Vacuum to all vent doors. For Front Panel Vents, Full vaccum to Panel/Defrost door (Front vents open and Defrost closed).
I'm thinking if there are problems with vacuum hoses or canister, then why is there Full vacuum to Panel/Defrost door to allow Front Vents to be open?
Any ideas anyone?


does anyone know the part number for the vacuum reservoir (black globe thing).
i cant seem to find it on or (fast parts network).
or, does anyone know where i can buy a replacement.
i was in and accident that damaged the front passenger side and knocked the vacuum reservoir loose. it must have been sitting on an exhaust pipe because its melted pretty bad... no my heat is stuck on defrost.