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a4ld blues


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November 24, 2005
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owasso, oklahoma
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93 Eddie Buar
ok, i am the proud owner of a 93 eddie buar that hates me. i recently had an engine replacement 4.0L of course and ever since i got it back have had problems with the tranny. I first noticed that i had no 4th gear. Then during cold starts it doesnt like to shift from 1-2. I could still do it manually and usually put it back into drive and would work fine after it warmed up, excluding 4th gear. So i dropped the tranny after driving down the road one day and noticed thick black smoke behind me, come to find out all the fluid was pouring onto my exhaust from in between the bell housing and the motor. So i put in a brand new a4ld went to test drive it and still have no 4th gear. then this mourning come to find that it still doesnt want to shift to 2nd when cold. VSS and/or TPS ????