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a4ld is slipping extremely bad and slow reverse


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November 14, 2010
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94 XLT 4.0 tow package?
Hey everyone i was thinking about my a4ld finally got everything to work but It still slips still leaks at the main seal and Reverse is slow to engage. If i were to remove the tranny what would need replaced? besides the main seal. Would i just be needing a valve body rebuild? Why would my tranny slip? when i give it gas it slips even more. I am at a loss could it be clutch plates? warn planets? Or the bands adjusted wrong? Would a bad modulator cause this?:exp:

More than anything its probably in the clutches. You might as well rebuild the whole trans at this point. I don't think you are going to suceed with one quick fix.

You may want to search for info on checking pressures. If your pressures are good in the suspect gears then the packs/bands are to blame. If the pressure is low the valves/pump are to blame and the clutches may have been damaged anyway.

So how involved would a rebuild be, and i thought i had to buy new Bolts for the bell housing is this true?

A re-build by someone who is inexperienced in re-building trannys would be very involved.