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A4LD won't upshift at full throttle

Well I went as far as reinstalling the original modulator and absolutely NO change in shifting. So you think it is the governor stalk/piston assembly? I did like you said buffed it all up and it seemed to move freely so I thought that may have been it.
Even behind the modulator i pulled the piston and cleaned it up and it seemed to move freely.

I guess I will pull the transfer case AGAIN and change the governor assembly.
So I already have the larger upgraded weight, what is that suppose to do? Higher pressure in the system?

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Ok, called our local parts house and they don't stock the governor assembly neither does our local ford dealer. I am thinking about flushing the system a time or two with some kind of flush like that Lucas treatment and see if that might unstick some stuff.
Got nothing to loose with trying it but a couple bucks in snake oil.
Worse case I still have a broken car.
Did not see a complete aftermarket governor assembly offered on the sonnex site, do you know of any? I searched a couple of the links off a post like bulkparts.com and others and did not turn up a governor assembly

I ordered it. Not sure from who thou. Probably Ford

Ok rebuilt second donor VB and installed it tonight. Little Lucas and tranny fluid and out for a test drive.
Now I have different problems still won't shift correctly but now it is at like 3400 rpm's at 55mph and when I put the shifter in drive one and second it is like the brake is on when I try to accelerate.
I just wondering now if I may have got a part incorrectly installed when I had the transmission all apart.

I am all out of ideas now short of getting another transmission to completely transplant into this car.

Any ideas?
Still have not tried the new governor yet have to order it from the ford dealer.
I am thinking it will not fix it.

How'd you make out?

Well I got the new governor weight and stalk installed and have not been able to really take it for a real test drive yet. Left town for work for a few weeks then got home the other day and it was -46, not quite test drive weather. Still -26 right now, suppose to warm up next week maybe then. I still think that I may have damaged something like possibly the forward band with all the troubles I was having testing it

Oh yah and when I pulled the old governor the piston that I had cleaned up was hanging up fairly tight. To snug of a fit into the stalk by my guess so maybe the new assembly will help

Cool, let us know how it works. -46 sucks, it's only -1 here. Last year it was much colder.

Where'd you get your parts?

Looks like the -20~s are going to hang in most of the week. Parts came from a dealer, had to order them in, sounds like they are not going to be available much longer, older parts I guess.
Drained out a few quarts of oil/Lucas and put ATF back in, now I am wanting to warm it up and test drive it...