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ABS activating low speed


May 22, 2004
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Falmouth, MA
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1997 awd 5.0
Hi, i recently developed an issue where at low speed my abs would activate and the vehicle will pull hard to the left, in researching this, it seems clear it was the Right front wheel sensor at fault, i just replaced it and still the same problem low speed pulling hard to the left, abs pump activates and pedal pulsates... if i pull the abs fuse the brake system works fine (short of abs light on and no abs)... any thoughts?? i have checked the wiring as best as i can see..

also is there a difference between the left and right abs sensors? i recently had replaced the wheel hubs and there was not one marked left or right, but if you go to order the sensors they are labeled left or right... when i replaced the right front sensor it was the one out of the old left hub...

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It depends, you may have replaced the wrong one. I work at a GM dealership and everytime I get an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor problem I'll go around the block with the Tech 2 in my lap. When the pump kicks in I'll look at the incoming data to see which one is reading out of range. If the right front is reading slow it will cause a pull to the left. If it is reading fast, it will pull to the right. So it can go either way. But as far as Ford goes, I have no idea if they're different. In my opinion, you could've paid an hour diag. time at the dealership, let them diagnose it, and then deny repairs. With the vehicle correctly diagnosed all you have to do is buy and replace the part. It sucks, but you can't beat the system. Just like gas prices....lol