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Abs problem


September 9, 2008
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1999 4.0L V6
Am back....

Problem no 2:confused: as i all most come to a stop from any speed the brake pedal seems to have a slight judder almost like the ABS is working but am told the ABS should not work below 5 miles per hour.
Someone mentioned the Extecter Ring could the be the case and if so were is it and is it a hard job to do or does anyone have any other ideas that i could look at.

In advance thanks for the help.


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welcome andy

ABS light, then interior light...

Was not sure where to post this, so.... Having replaced the heater core following advice found in the forums, I put the dash back in. Noticed the ABS light was on and the interior lights did not work. Power windows worked to roll down but now will not roll up. Fuses seem good. Read a post from Mattinpismo (Oct 2007) that seems to indicate a bad battery may cause these issues. Anyone have some ideas on this before I tear the dash out again?

Have cleaned the sensor but still no joy so i unplugged the front left sensor and the problem went away so thinking that was it i put a new sensor on but still no different so i unplugged the right front sensor and the problem went away.
I can only think if you unplug any sensor it cancels all the ABS.
So no closer to solving this fault anymore ideas as putting it to the dealer is to expensive over here!!

Many Thanks