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AC on ...AC off...Cold....Hot...HELP


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December 13, 2000
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Russell Springs, Kentucky
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99 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have a 99 EB 4x4 SOHC and the AC is driving me nuts!!! You can turn the AC on and nice cool air, pull up to a stop light and the cold stops and you feel the muggy stale smelling air and no more cool air!!! You can take off hard and the AC will go back to be cool air again and might work for several minutes then go back to no cold air...feels just like you have the vent on . Please help...wife is about to hang me!!!!

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I had thought the same thing and actually was going to have the system drained and re charged, but throwed me for a loop that it gets so so cold in there you cant stand it and then nothing.....Im not a AC expert just scratchin the head here to come up with some kind of solution before dishing out a bunch of $$$$

Get a set of manifold guages and check the hi pressure & low pressure of the system.. Could be various causes to your problems, best way to diagnose is to hook up guages so we can see what its doing.

What should the manifold guages read if they are correct amounts? I was also reading in the other link above that it possibly could be the clutch fan? any way of checking the clutch fan?