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Alto, Texas July 4th Weekend


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May 3, 2003
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Me and some friends are going wheeling in Alto, Texas (Shilo Ridge Park) for the whole weekend (camping) if you are interested post-up and will get a running count on who all will be going, I'll be taking Friday off and so will Sloboy to go get out camping spots, we'll be bringing a camper for the lady's so they will have bathrooms and water ETC.

We have already got reservations, and will accomodate more ppl as they are welcome to join us!


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Bumpity Bump! :roll:

Just keeping this fresh.

I know someone in Texas wants to wheel and camp over the 4th of July weekend!

I do belive it's $20 per vehicle to wheel and camp.

If anyone from this board has been there please post up your trip.


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I call that place Muddville!
Not totally my cup of tea. I prefer BMRA in Gilmer to this place. The only thing good about Shilohridge is that it is closer to Houston.

I probably still have mud on my truck from that place. I guess that doing donuts in the stuff didn't help.


Man this mud is nasty!

For a whole lot more pictures of Shilohridge from the DFW's Mega Run last March, go to my yahoo briefcase folders:
Click on "My Sport Trac" folder.
Click on "2003.03.01 - Shiloh Ridge Alto TX" folder.

Well John,

I'm not much on mud either, but I'm willing to go check out ALL the wheeling sites in this state once!

Hopefully the rain will hold off enough so that it won't be anything like what you are showing in your pictures, as I'm not really set up for mud.

We will have atleast two heavy wieghts going with us on this trip, one has a winch.

And yes Gilmer is one spot I really want to goto bad from what I can tell but since we are gonna have a run/southern chapter meet there in early August I figure patience will be my virtue and well deserved out come at this point.

And I hope that the possibility of mud at Shilo doesn't scare anyone off, as I would hope for a great turn out and some awsome adventures to talk about when we get back home.

I do see a smile on your face though ;)


bump, less than a week folks.


svo, i would love to go but my mom is sstaying with me this weekend. i can take her but i dont think her heart can handle the trip. i will let u know if somehting changes.

where's alto anyway?

South of Rusk, Texas out south east of you, would prolly take you 2-2 1/2 hours to get there.

Alto is located southeast of Dallas between Palestine and Nacogdoches along Highway 294 near the Davy Crockett National Forest.

Population 1,049

Altitude 433

P.S. what this comment on the other thread about you being old!??!!! ;)
You don't think your older than me do you? :p

I know I'm the oldest in the Houston crowd. :D
But, when looking at SVO's profile, he's got me beat by a few months.

SVO, can we get the crime statistics for Alto too? :p

Nope can't bget you that but can give the web site to where we're going though, will that do!??

Here's the link:

Ya think this might be a lil deep?

Don't worry they have more than mud holes lol!


Who said girls don't like mud?




Still wanna go???



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