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Alto Tx. run at Shiloh Ridge

Man if I didn't have to work I'd go. But I have to work. I'll keep watching to see when another explorer run will pop up. Its been about 3 months since I've been out so I'm ready. :D

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tx4wd said:
Hey there is a run going down at K-Rock feb.4th/5th Some of my friends are going to that is a fun park!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

That weekend is one of the LSLC meets, watch out for this Fj40 big block/D60's bad boy ;)

If you reconize the Toyota that's because it was on the cover of the TMTC (Texas Motorized Trail Coalition) magazine, Jason Kenne of JK Customs, great guy! :thumbsup:



Here are the rigs i no that well be there!


thay will be at bvorr next weekend the 11th and 12th i might not make it that
run i,ll be geting my rigs ready for shilo. got to put jeffs axel shaft in also.

Cool getting thangs going for the Shiloh run

Looks like Alto well be fun and wet

3 days jud tell we go i got all my S**t packed up. So all i have to do is get the rig on the trailer and go.

Take lots of pics!!! And have fun!!!