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Wheeling at Shilo Ridge/Alto, Tx.



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42 I'm hang'n on reeeeeeeeeeeel tight ma!

That just makes my ass hurt looking at it!


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44 Carnage


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46 Michael's public display of tree hugging!


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WOW! what a weekend, We got there Thrusday night and set up camp, and woke up to wheeling all day long, there is so much land out there it would take you three days to cover it all, there are pitts and open fields to race on, hills, rocks, narrow trails, sand, hardpack, twists, turns and kinks, cracks, everything was there, including the dust and a bunch of rednecks (YA THINK!?).

The first day out sowboy and I went wheeling and I didn't have a spotter and sucked up a huge rock that gave my Nasty Hoe some new character, and I also managed to slip into a crack that helped readjust my mirror that wouldn't fold in (now it does), but no major body damage.

Jstone, Mudd*****, and Michael showed up a little before 9pm and woke to early wheeling, they were gone before I could get a cup of coffee in me (another story some other time).
They seemed to be doing a pretty good job of geting in trouble themselves ;)
When they came back we went back out and wheeled some more, and watched al dem crazy rednecks play in the mud. (My God you should see the video).
Mudd***** on the way back lost his track arm and we had to trailer it back to camp, but with-in a short while he was back on the trail again thanks to slowboy. :D
It sprinkled a few times but never enough to change any of the conditions though.

The occurances that went on at the mud pitt was by far the most lacking in propper common sence I had ever seen in my entire life!

Michael got hungon a stump, because a jeeper didn't know that with a chain saw you could cut them off at the base. :rolleyes:
The girls on the other hand??? ;)

Mudd***** had a couple off issues with a few rocks that played a dirty trick on him and let some pressure out of his right front tire.
Track bar fell off and gotten bent.

I had my difference with a 175lb rock and got owned, and a few bad lines that cost me a few scratches, and the use of a tow rope to get me back on trail, and trashed a set of auto hubs. (I brought 4 hubs just incase)

Slowboy ripped the shock clean off the axle tube of his pick-up.

Jstone, he just kept on driving and watching all of us. :mattmoon:

So after a full day they swapped tires, loaded Red Bull on the trailer, packed tents and gear, munched and jetted off back to Houston.

The rest of us stayed and had somemore beer to cap off a great day of wheeling.
Funny enough the next mmorning I jump in one of the Raptors (660R 4 wheeler) and started to bail off the the trails and I almost ran over this nice pretty blue HD bottle jack that I used the day before, putting on a set of hubs.
I'm feeding it well and gave it a bath and I'll return it to you in Gilmer!
These guys where great, thanks a lot for coming!

There is a huge draw back to the fun, dust, if I would have know I would have prepped a little different, a lot of the camping grea was completely covered as was the inside and out of the trucks, not that I'm afrad of getting it dirty, but minimizing it some, will make my clean up easier next time.

As you can see by the group photo's it's about time for the Nasty Hoe to grow up some.
All in due time, I'm gathering things I need so she won't be down too long to get it there.

There ARE things I'm leaving out but I'll let the others fill in, I'm off the soap box and out! :p

Hope you all enjoy these pictures as we did making them for you!
We dicussed it during wheeling to bring you back some good interesting shots for all of you to ponder on!

Special Vehicle Operator:

This crazy monkey on the Raptor


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Well, I seem to be coming down with a cold, so I won't type long.

Had a good time. It was good meeting SVO and his friends.

Definitely some good redneck entertainment down at the mud pits. :D

I've uploaded 165 images to Sony Imagestation:
My Shiloh Ridge Pictures

I reduced the pictures size to 640x480. If ya want any of them in the fullsize of 1600x1200 let me know. Don't say all, unless you are gonna ship me a 128Mb compact flash card. All my Shiloh pictures at 1600x1200 take up 113Mb.

This picture's caption should be "Drive it like you stole it!"


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Only in Texas!


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Mudd*****'s beadlocks in action!


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Michael's Red Bull Flexin!


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Mudd***** flexin on the same rock.


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IFS can't compete!


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More Sport Trac air time.


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Big mudder next to Michael's Red Bull.


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Big Toyz, just ain't for Boyz!


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John you took some fantastic pictures! :D

Looks like you guys had a real blast out there!

Sorry, SVO. I should have come so BamBam could keep the ol' nasty company. I hope you didn't tear it up too much. I've never been fond of those deep washouts, as you know. :eek:

Those mud trucks with tractor tires almost look like bad special effects or something. That's just crazy! And by the way, did anyone get the plate number on that sedan in the mud pits?? We might want to run the plates and see if it "used to" belong to anyone we know. :p

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anyone going to gilmer end of this month?