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Another ABS question


March 29, 2007
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'01 XLT
I've looked through the ABS related threads here and have not yet seen the same set of circumstances. I've had an '01 4.0 Explorer for the last year. I've had an occasional ABS light which is becoming more frequent. More to the point, perhaps 6-8 times over the last 7 months I've had a definite brake related incident. I've had what feels like the ABS actually activating. Usually at slow, parking lot speeds, normal dry pavement the brake pedal kinda vibrates/pumps with a decided reduction in braking efficiency. Gets my attention. The light will come on a short time later. The light coming on is not dependent on this fairly rare shuddering of the brake pedal.

So does my description actually sound like the ABS activating? I've had little experience with ABS. And I have no idea why the ABS might be engaging under the circumstances that it has happened.

I see others posting about the light coming on but little or no reference to other brake symptoms.

Regards, Don Alexander

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Welcome! This issue has arisen in the past... it sounds like a malfunction, but the source isn't clear. If you aren't a do-it-yourself type, you have to have the brakes serviced to isolate and fix the problem(s). If you are a DIY'er, then examine the braking system and sensors and modules and fuses, etc... and check your brake fluid while you're at it - I'm just reposting some of the pieces of other posts about this situation. :)

Thanks for the response. Well, I am the DIY type but currently living where it's not really practical.Kinda hate that but what can you say? I'm mostly curious if all the folks who have dealt with the ABS light also experienced some other symptoms. Or am I actually looking at two problems.

Just to make it more interesting, I purchased an extended service contract, but the dealer was not a Ford dealer. Sooo, I'm looking for more info as I deal with these guys. Already know enough to stop a few misdirections such as warped rotors which aren't covered. The ABS system is.


Welcome to this forum! The ABS light represents a code stored in the system. I would suggest having the code read to eliminate any guess work. It's a good idea to clean the front sensors since brake dust could cause the ABS to false trigger.

My light comes on now and them, but I don't have any braking problems. I think I just need to clean the sensors, I just haven't crawled under to find them.

Sounds like a good idea if brake dust can cause a false reading. That might also explain the increasing frequency.