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big three?


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October 6, 2009
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98 eddie bauer
hi everyone, i have a question i want to do the big three on my 98 xplorer eddie bauer 4x4, i can't find the cable from the engine block to the chassi. i'm planing running 0 gauge cable for the big three. i already have an amp mounted in the rear where the factory amp and sub was. so far i have a single 12' in a sealed enclosure about 450 watts rms, and my amp is rated like this: 500 watts at 4ohm, 1000 at 2ohm and stable at 1 ohm i think 1500. all this watts are rms.i'm runnig 4 ga. wire to the amp. i want to run a small amp for the door speakers 400 watts 4 channel.
will my amps can get damaged if is too cold? i live in CT and the temp really gets cold. i have stock batt and alt. will i need 2 batterys with the stock alt, or get i high output alt and optima batt? thanks a lot, i'm planing to upgrade to 2 15' like 400 watts max each one. thanks a lot and sorry be a pain in the.....

make need to find it.

The cable is actually underneath the engine. Use a DMM and check around non-essential bolts to use.