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Bleeding Hydraulic Clutch


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October 31, 1999
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I replaced the slave cylinder/throwout bearing on my '94 Explorer, but I'm having a hell of a time getting it bled. Has anyone run into this problem? Any tips for doing this successfully? I have tried opening up the bleeder screw and letting it bleed that way, I have also tried forcing fluid up through the bleeder screw, and nothing has worked, I can't even get it to begin to work. Help!

Oliver Harris

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Pain in the butt isn't it! Dead Link Removed I found the only way to bleed the clutch (thanks to that stupid loop) is with a vacuum bleeder. I have access to a custom built unit, but I think a mighty vac hand-held pump should be able to pull off the task at hand. Dead Link Removed

Guys, thanks for your replies. I will try to locate a vaccumn bleeder. If that proves to be too much trouble, I may just take it to the dealer. The reason I replaced it is it was leaking. It was holding fine, but it was losing fluid and fluid was dripping out of the belhousing. Also, I already had the engine out to rebuild it, so it seemed like a good time. (Ran it out of oil, but that's a different story).

Oliver Harris

why did you replace the slave cyclinder? Is the clutch not holding. If so you might have another problem. The master cyclinder for the clutch could be the problem. I was driveing one day and lost all clutch pressure. Got it home replaced the slave cyclinder and still no pressure. It was my clutch master cylinder. It is the part on the fire wall and connects to the pedel inside the car.

Kris Guilbeaux
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Well, I got it bled, got another piece of advice from a mechanic friend of mine. He said to use a prybar through the access hole to move the slave cylinder back and forth. Once I started doing that, it responded to bleeding. I think it mixed up the large air bubble into several small bubbles which would flow out the bleeder. Anyway, it's all working now, thought I would pass that on. Thanks for your help.

Oliver Harris

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