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Boomer12's 2011 SVT Raptor


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April 1, 2003
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'11 Raptor Screw
I recently had to retire my Explorer from daily driving duty due to it suffering yet another catastrophic mechanical failure. I beat the crap out of my Ex, and it gave me many years of faithfull service, but alas, out with the old, and in with the new(er).

I had been wanting a newer F150 for awhile now, and after searching near and far, high and low, from west to east, I finally found something that peaked my interest. Granted it was in another state, and more money than I really was looking to spend, but once I saw it I immediately fell in love. After convincing the wife that it was a reasonable deal (I got it for 6k under blue book), I quickly went to work making it mine...

The specs...
2011 Ford F150 SVT Raptor
34,427 miles at purchase
6.2L V8
6 speed auto trans w/upgraded manual mode
4.10 gears
Electronic locking rear diff
SVT tuned Fox internal triple bypass shocks
37" BFG A/T KO2
Moonroof, Leather, Power everything
blah, blah, blah...

Mods so far...
Mid perch mod
40" led light bar behind grill
30" KC C2 led bar in front bumper
AMSOil fluids
Mirror reflector delete
R1 Concepts double cross drilled and slotted rotors
20% Tint
Deaver +2's
Crown Performance SS brakelines
SVC prototype Baja (bolt on) front bumper
Geiser Bros. custom progressive coil springs
ICOM ID-880H (modded)
Lowrance Elite-5M HD Baja
SVC Gen2 ABS (Adjustable Bump System) with 2.5 Fox air bumps

In all reality, this wasn't the most practical vehicle for me to choose as a daily driver, but I will say that it is by far the most enjoyable vehicle that I have ever owned...


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Had the front windows done up with some 3M 20% to match the rear. Then promptly realized this morning that I should have had them do the moon roof as well... whoops!


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I went out yesterday and bought myself a Sony HDR-AS30V, giving me a reason to go play in the dirt...