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Breakout box ????


June 9, 2005
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ok when a test tells you to diconnect the pcm and connect a breakout box is there a way to do this test without a breakout box

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you don't need to ask the question 4 times.. some of us just don't know, you'll have to wait until some one who does know happens to check, but you've started a new topic 4 times for the same problem, this makes it HARDER to answer your question, as we now must read all 4 to know what the heck your talking about.. good luck my friend.

This would actually be the sixth thread you've started. Stick to one thread you will get your answers quicker that way. Members have little tolerance for double posting and people who don't use the search function.

As far as the breakout box. I've never heard that term before but I would say if something says you need it then you need it. But I'm no mechanic.

Good luck!

...and because we all know too, the more QUESTION MARKS you put behind you question, the faster the response will be. If I was you I would have used at least 10.

mxz583 said:
ok when a test tells you to diconnect the pcm and connect a breakout box is there a way to do this test without a breakout box

What test are you refering to ?

A breakout box inserts between the PCM and the harness giving you access to all the pins for voltage readout testing. If you are seeking pin access, I don't really know of any other way than using a breakout box. HOWEVER, depending on what pin you want to access you may be able to backprobe somewhere else (like an O2 sensor test for example) along a wire. So there is no easy answer to your Q without knowing what it is you are looking to access. In short a breakout box is the easy answer, and depending maybe the only one, but not necessarily so - tell us more.

I have two codes i am working on the first is 214 and then 566 the info i have for these code will tell you to unplug the pcm and hookup a breakout box so you can test from one test pin to another test pin some one told me that you really dont need a breakout box if you get a pin out for the 60 pin connecter you can run your tests from there but i would like to make sure that right before i start as far as all the posted threads i thought i was replying to the pepole that replyed to me sorry

I wish breakout boxes were cheaper to come by. If your careful, you can backprobe connectors to get at the wires you need. I often backprobe at the PCM's 60 pin connector. Just be sure to do it carefully so you don't short something out, or otherwise damage the wires/connectors.