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Brighter headlights for Sport Trac

Are there any aftermarket headlight assemblies that are brighter than the stock ones on my 2001 Sport Trac? Or bulbs (LED/higher wattage) that will make them brighter...I don't want to do HID. I already have silverstar ultra bulbs, and the headlights still aren't very good.
I've seen the blacked out replacement lights from companies like Anzo and any of those have a better design that will be brighter than the stock lights?
I also found these projector lights ( headlight&car_make=Ford&car_model=Ranger), and these would be nice if I can find them for the Sport Trac.

How do you think these bulbs go up against the full HID projector retrofit?

I'm talking about light output, penetration.

Nothing will be as good as a quality HID projector retrofit. That's the best way to get good light output from a vehicle.

The LEDs are better than halogens and HIDs in a stock reflector housing though.

honestly if your stock housings, are badly faded and yellowed, replace them that should give you more output with halogen bulbs, i switched mine over with aftermarket housings and hid's and noticed a significant improvement on output. I couldn't see crap at night with halogen heres a few pics of my Explorer.

Dropbox - truck.jpg fogs.jpg?dl=0 fogs.jpg?dl=0

but again it's your truck you can do with it what you wish. Mine also has a hid fog light kit
Nice set up. Are those the Enzo headlights? I've seen them on Amazon and wanted to run LEDs with them but the bulb socket looks like it doesn't twist out. Also do you ever get flashed by other drivers?